TransCom 3G/WCDMA Network Signal Booster TE-3G50



900Mhz+3G 2100MHz signal booster

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GSM 900MHz


Our mobile phone signal amplifier
significantly improve the performance of any gsm device experiencing weak signal inside

GSM 900 MHz 50dB Signal Booster Repeater / Amplifier for Mobile ,

Cell Phone Signal Booster is GSM Cell Phone Signal Booster, Signal Brand GSM Cell Phone Booster

GSM960 Portable Mobile Phone Signal Amplifier Features: High system gains. Full duplex and double-end design,external power supply, and convenient ,

    * Single Band
    * Dual Band
    * Tri-Band
indoor and outdoor repeaters

CDMA850, GSM900, DCS1800
We supply a wide range of mini repeaters for all applications in the following classifications:

    * Pico 60dB gain with 10dBm output
    * Mini 65dB gain with 15dBm output
    * Compact 75dB gain with 27dBm output

Frequency Bands include:
Single band: CDMA 850, GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS
Dual Band Configurations: GSM900/1800
Tri-band Configurations: GSM900/1800/UMTS
UMTS systems
Mini repeaters


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TransCom 3G/WCDMA Network Signal Booster TE-3G50

TransCom 3G/WCDMA Network Signal Booster TE-3G50

900Mhz+3G 2100MHz signal booster