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Video Balun with Audio, and Power over Cat-5

  • Comes as a Pair (Injector & Splitter included)
  • Up to 300 Feet Transmission Distance using Cat-5
  • Cost savings by replacing costly coaxial cable
  • Convenient Plug and Play Installation using premade Cat-5 Cables
  • Runs Power, Video, and Audio over a single CAT5
  • Can be used to run just Video & power also


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The VB-2VPA is an RJ45 balun pair that allows an installer to use a single Cat-5 cable to run a CCTV video signal, surveillance audio signal and power to a security camera and audio surveillance microphone. The VB-2VPA is sold as a set that included both the injector and splitter ends. Although this balun can also run audio, many installers do use it to run just video and power.

RJ45 Balun Installation

Please refer to the below diagram to understand how to use this RJ-45 audio, video, power balun in a security camera system installation. Your installer will simply connect a standard CAT-5 cable with the RJ-45 ends to the injector and splitter. Note: the audio connection is not required to be used. This balun can be used to run just video and power in which case the audio ends are left unattached.

RJ-45 Balun Installation