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17dBi Sector Antenna

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Range= 3 miles (Point to Multipoint)

90 Degree Horizontal Coverage

20 Degree Down tilt (Mounting Bracket)



Great for Hotspot and Pt. to MP. Setups

NF Connector

2.4GHz Frequency



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Recommended for Marina Wi Fi, Campground Wi Fi, RV-Park Wi Fi, Recreational Area, Poolside, Cafe, In-Building Wi Fi, Warehouse Space and more.

Sector antennas are designed to provide segmented microwave coverage over a selected (sector) area; sector antennas deliver a wider beam width than point-to-point parabolic antennas. Wi-Fi Sector antennas are typically used for wireless connections between LAN base stations, wireless Internet, subscriber networks, PCS and other point-to-multi point communications. This type of setup is usually found in RV Parks, Marinas, or other outdoor areas, where the main antenna is broadcasting a signal from a building that is located at one end of the park.  A sector antenna should be used to force the signal in your desired direction, and avoid sending the Wi-Fi signal to unwanted areas.  Antenna configurations can consist of flat panel micro strip and slot radiating designs, as well as traditional parabolic configurations.


The added signal strength and sensibility that comes with this Outdoor 17dBi Sector Antenna will make your Wireless Installation easier and more secure.  Mount this 2.4GHz Sector Antenna on top of your building, Marina, RV-Park or Hotel, and tilt it towards the desired coverage area for a great signal, and excellent Wireless Coverage.  This antenna comes with a mounting system that adjusts from 0 to 20 degrees down-tilt.


Mounting Hardware is included, as well as basic Technical Support to get you started on your Wireless Installation.  This 17dBi Sector Antenna works great in Point to Multipoint solutions as well.  Simply Mount the Outdoor Sector Antenna in pairs to create a 180° of Coverage; in a set of Three, to create 270° of Coverage, or in a set of Four, to cover an entire 360° area.  You can also use the 17dBi Sector Antenna as a stand-alone Antenna for the desired 90° of coverage. 


If your Internet Location is located in the corner of your location, and your desired coverage area is not 360 degrees, a sector antenna is a better solution as you will not waste the Wireless Coverage in areas you do not need it.


For the best results, this Outdoor 2.4GHz Sector Antenna should be used in situations where you have Line-of-Sight to the client locations.  Please contact us if you have questions about your setup, or need higher gain, outdoor Antennas.


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TransCom 17dBi Sector Antenna

TransCom 17dBi Sector Antenna

17dBi Sector Antenna

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